Polish Journal of Social Science 2006

28 stycznia 2015

Polish Journal of Social Science

Vol.1 * No.1 * 2006


Wydanie I, Kraków 2006, Format B5,

Objętość 264 strony, Oprawa miękka, klejona,

folia matowa

ISSN: 978-83-89113-19-8


Kategoria: Czasopisma




Opis książki


The turn of the second and third millennium provokes cautios reflection on different areas of man’s life, on its quality, on the challenges  it faces as well as the threats that can already be consedered In the context of survival. A question arises as to what man of the third millennium will be like, which is a challenging issue for the mind, for the imagination, for people dealing professionally with the aiding of human development, for people shaping the educational, social, medical, economic and political reality.

The scientific community feels the presure for discussions and provocations to act with a view of expanding social awareness and of doing so on an international scale with regard to genuine values relevant for the quality of human life.

The contemporary social thought should cause each of us to be convinced that should we manage to walk all over the world in our search for goodness, wisdom, beauty, love, we stall find these values nowhere if we fail to carry them inside ourselves. As great thinkers maintain, we hold them inside, in our nature, yet man – though greed and unreflectivity – has made them inaccessible due to formed obstacles. Thus all scientific reflection on the destruction of those barriers, or one that aims at preventing new barriers from occurring, its particularly legitimate. This very idea has given rise to the creation of this new magazine, which is meant to serve the exchange of scientific thought among both Polish as well as foreign researchers, both of whose concern for the quality of worthy and safe life is a particular challenge.


Spis treści




Mieczysław Plopa

From the editors


Bogdan Pietrulewicz, Mieczysław Plopa, Wojciech Plopa, Peter Skeris

Research on Immigrant Adaptation and Ethnic Group


Krzysztof Kalka

Love as the Unity of Persons


Wojciech Gajewski

Theological Education among Denominational Minories in the Interwar Poland: A case study of the Biblical Institute in Gdańsk


Jak Rostowski, Teresa Rostowska

The Role of Executive Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex in the Proces sof Socialization


Jan Rostowski, Teresa Rostowska

Social Consequences Driven by Belief in Life as Zero-sum Game


Joanna Różycka, Bogdan Wojciszke

Social Consequences Driven by Belief  in Life as Zero-sum Game


Michał Daszkiewicz

Individual Differences in Second-Language Reading and Writing Skills


Diane Allaire, Simon Patry

Interpersonal Psychoterapy for Outpatients


Maria Kaźmierczak

Empathy as a Multidimensional Concept: A Review of Research


Ryszard Makarowski

The Use of Statistical Methods in Planning an Experiment in Psychology and Educational Science


Emilia Martynowicz

Temporal Competence, Life Goals and Selected Indicators of the Youth’s Well-being in the View of Studing Level


Mieczysław Plopa, Teresa Zajdlic-Plopa

Psychological Analysis of Divorcing Couples


Sylwiusz Retowski, Agnieszka Meder

Development of the Sense of Responsibility for One’s Situation on the Labour Market in Young Adults Group


Anna Skuzińśka

Consequences of Measurement Method Used for the Detection of the Bullying at Work Phenomenom and Its Consequences for Victims: A Preliminary Review of Research


Tadeusz Kluz

Behavioural Approch in the Therapy and Education of Children with Autism and Other Deep Developmental Disabilities


Alicja Świątkowska

Family Relations and the Development of Young People’s Personalities



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