About school

The Elbląg University of Humanities and Economy is a non-state higher school established by the approval of the Minister of National Education and Sport on 18 October 2001 (since 24 March 2004 it has been an academic school).

In 2003 the National Accreditation Commission carried out an inspection of the specializations available at the school. All the specializations received favourable assessment, which means that the school fulfills the requirements reffering to staff, syllabus , structure and the level of education.

The position of the Elbląg University of Humanities and Economy in the region is determined by its level of teaching and the quality of scientific research, the results of which are of considerable importance to Polish society, culture and economy.

The students of the Elbląg University of Humanities and Economy are highly valued , their role in the educational process is appreciated, they are supported in their social activity encouraging them to develop intellectually and enrich their personalities. The awareness of growing research, educational and cultural needs in changing Poland causes the school to make efforts to guarantee a rich and diverse education with a view to its highest quality

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